senior   questionnaire

Congratulations! You are totally a Senior! You made it this far and the future is waiting you with amazing experiences to be had! Quite possibly you may have never had a photo shoot that focuses ALL ON YOU before. What a better time to capture you at the prime of your life before you embark on your dazzling future! My number one goal in each session is to accurately portray and capture the essence of each personality. When I say that each session is completely customized, I take pride in what this fully entails. The style of this session will be determined by your answers, and we can even go as far as to determine a particular theme, or even incorporate props or an activity into this experience as well. Some of these questions have absolutely nothing to do with photography! I find each of them extremely valuable in helping me to get to know you better and understand your desires and expectations, but I also use it as a catalyst for creativity. Your simple answers help spark a variety of ideas in my mind as I seek to custom plan and prepare a session tailored to you. I’m excited to learn more about you. For you truly are… my inspiration! Quite literally!

How would you describe your personal style as a whole? In thinking about photographic style, do you prefer an
outdoors location with natural surroundings, the downtown urban look, a lifestyle session incorporating your own
room, or favorite spots? What do you feel best suits your personality? Modern, Classic, Retro/Vintage, Country,
Sports Related, Railroad Tracks, Lake, Park, Downtown, Edgy, Woodsy, Farms/Barns, Alleys/Brick Walls,
Organic/Natural, Fashion/Glam, Rock/Metalother…
What do you feel sets you apart from the mainstream? What is something that makes you unique? Don\’t be shy!
I\’m sure there is something, even something small, that makes you especially great!

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